Exploring Arabia’s Sinai

A 4 hour 2 DVD set. This in depth presentation is given by Jim & Penny Caldwell in front of a live audience. It is an update to their first presentation DVD, “Sinai in Arabia”, and includes their personal story as well as new areas of research. Complete with film footage, still photography, maps, and charts, Jim & Penny take you on a journey through northwest Arabia and beyond to other areas deep inside the desert kingdom, searching for clues to the Israelites and their wandering in the wilderness.

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Hath God Said | DVD

‘HATH GOD SAID’ is a 52 minute high quality DVD summary of the detailed information contained in the ‘Time is the Ally of Deceit Study Series’ that consists of a 259 page book and five 1 Hr.+ DVDs. This powerful and concise DVD can be used to share the truth with others in a reasonable amount of time and is also the basis for our Faith of the Saints Evangelism Program It conveys the story of how pagan sun worship has infiltrated contemporary Christianity and continues to do so today. While providing some details, there is no way to provide thorough documentation of the historical events, in such a short period of time.

For those who are interested in the details we recommend the Time is the Ally of Deceit Study Series which contains extensive documentation.