Move forward

Move forward. The Lord has not brought you that far to drop you. Where you are is worse than where you came from but rejoice(Phil 4:4) for where you are going is far much glorious than where you came from. So, You former comfort was good but turn not to it in desire; move forward for where you
are going is far much glorious than where you are and even where you came from. Where thou goeth is a place of The LORD working through you as His separated, seasoned, and anointed vessels. Have this in your knowledge: The LORD is preparing two people-

1) You as a family for a new level of ministry, holy and pure unto Him(Worship) and His people in the earth`s 4 corners.

2) His people ahead of you. He is touching their Spirits for Spiritual Genuine hunger and thirsty and so, you are going for a hungry and thirsty audience. In the process of time you will surely see this.

The LORD`S feet are at where you are (The earth is His footstool) as His throne is in heaven. When you bow praying and seeking Him you are actually surrendering your mind and understanding to Him as HE LOOKS AT THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD AND ON YOUR BACK MERCiFULLY. When we do this as we worship Him He rises and dwells amid His praises. Oh My people am with you. Didn’t I tell Moses to prepare a Sanctuary for me to dwell there as there God and them as My people? Look unto me and live to see my salvation and wonders.

Social decline and collapse awaits your nation and any English speaking associate for turning away from the LORD who gave them the Land. Repentance is the only way.

As you walk on the narrow way, rejoice for it is rewarding at the end though rough as you walk it. Walking the narrow way is Hard but the lessons learnt therein are EASY. Walking the Broad way is Easy but the lessons learnt therein are HARD It seems many are choosing to learn my lesson the HARD WAY!!! Judgment is coming.

As you obey the LORD in the process of getting to His place for ministry and Spirit worship, be sure that You are becoming what you have never been to do what you have never done in the way you have never done it and ALL Shall be BY THE SPIRIT. Shalom shalom shalom.

Apostle Jacob Z. Lukhova