Restoring the Latter House in Prophecy

I found myself writing while listening to some small still voice that was so sweet to listen to. These are
the words of that voice and nothing of my mind is in it. I don`t know why the Spirit of the LORD inspired
me into writing this. I barely don`t know. My mind cannot explain it. I discovered I had written about The
Latter House in prophecy after I was almost through. As you read this, understand it is not a writing by
my mind; it is the Spirit`s and I believe the LORD wants us somewhere. The Lord bless you all as you
purpose to worship Him alone in the highest.. Shalom, Brother Jacob in Africa.
*The Latter House In prophecy*
Among the scriptures that point us to some latter house to be is Haggai 2:9.
*That* *house according to prophecy would be a house whose glory is greater than of the former*.
The Apostolic power is rooted in the prophetic fulfillment of this scripture among others. That
fulfillment is the Glory of Yah. True apostolic power is pumped into believers by the Spirit from the
awesome glorious presence of Yah.
Yes. The word glory means a revelation, a display, a manifestation etc.
Therefore it`s no wonder that God`s glory is the manifestation, the revelation or the display of His very
presence. The word also implies God`s weight, heaviness, power, splendor etc. The Latter house is one
with the divine manifestations that reflect God Himself. It is a house where the weight of God is real and
in motion. At this house we experience the heaviest power of God and as we go about His business,
every knee bows because it can`t withstand the divine weight.
*It is a house of heavyweight vessels*. The Lord is releasing heavyweight soldiers and the demonic will
have no choice but to surrender all that he had stolen. We are living in a time when we are soon
beginning to seize spoils. The enemy is paying back 7fold (Perfect refund on his side and perfect
recovery on our side.)
*It is a house of both the latter and the former rains (Joel 2:23).* This is a heavy downpour. This refers
to the Holy Spirit outpouring. The latter house is a house that is under a heaven which seems like it can`t
hold what it has any more. There is a cup which must be filled and to OVERFLOW. Am telling you times
of restoration are here. Believers will release power.
As we learn how to live together we will begin to experience God`s power from each other and you can
be sure of a hot family on earth. The altar of the Lord shall be a midst us and it is of Fire that burns
unquenchably. You can only quench it by you disobedience and sin and iniquity. Infact you will be
quenched and it will still be there. It may stop working in you because of your sin. Get ready. People will
begin seeing what we have been talking in Yahweh`s name. Kingdom realities are storming the earth
before soon.
*It is a house where people shall hear to hear and we are beginning to see people Arise to shine because
of the light of the glory of the LORD*. Those who were comfortably seated in religion and religious
traditions, heretic teachings (that have no place in *Torah)*, hypocrisy etc, are to leave their ungodly
comforts which are but for a time (Hebrew 11:23-27).
*At this house the presence of God-His glory shall be real that NO FLESH shall glory there (1Corr 1;29).*
We are not going to see or hear people talking about themselves for themselves. Pride, lust, idolatry,
witchcraft, immorality, etc shall not stand. If they get here they shall surely melt away. There is fire here
that compromises not with the fleshly. We gonna see these people, not in heaven but first, here on
*The* *Latter House in prophecy is a house where God is fully around and available and moving*. You
may ask how? I tell you it`s real just as the scripture reveals it. It is clear and clean in scripture that
Heaven is his throne and the earth His footstool (Isa 66:1, Acts 7:49). We have heard it said that God
moved or moves. We will see it. It simply means He is rising from His seat and when He is up, definitely
He Is ON Earth.
We must not fail to remember always that worship is His pleasure. It will be a house of worship and
when the LORD is worshipped He moves. There is nothing as good as telling God who He is. This ignites
Him to moving. When He moves? Yes, we can begin seeing miracles, signs and wonders. Jesus is God
(Heb 1:3). When He was on earth it was God on earth. Where He went He did good healing all manner of
sickness (Act 10:38). Wherever this house or any vessel therein shall go, miracles signs and wonders
shall surely be a loud witness to the fact that the glory is here on earth. As we worship Him we become
like Him; He increases in us and we become nothing but Him for Himself. With this kind of reality, you
can be sure, what will happen is gloriously incredible.
A dear friend of mine and *brother in Christ, Antonio* Matos by the Spirit helped my eyes open to the
other meaning of the word HOUSE.
He told me, “Jacob, the word House in Hebrew means A FAMILY”
*The latter House will be a ONE Family House*. The family therein is of God. That means our differences
must be squared out urgently if we are to be considered as members of this great household. We must
learn how to NOT just to stay together, but to LIVE together as one family of Yahweh. *It is
impossible* *because* it calls for painful adjustments. *It is possible
because* the scripture is a guideline on how we can live together. *It is a must because* the LORD has it
that way and He changes not. It is not about my denomination or yours. It is all about God and what He
requires. He requires that we be a family living and praying and worshipping together.
Imagine all nations gathering into one house as A FAMILY OF YAH to worship.
Remember He is only amidst those who are more than one, *gathering as one*IN HIS NAME (Mat
*The latter house shall be on a real Spirit Holy mountain*. Even those outside shall see its glorious light.
Even those in the surface of the deepest valley shall not fail to point each other to the direction of the
glorious light. However their safety is not granted unless and until they climb up into the House on the
Holy Mountain. We are in a time when disobedience is beginning to let its practitioners down. The latter
house shall be the center for general consultation (Isa 2:3). And again the truly like-minded will be glad
when they are told to go to this prophetic house (Ps 122)
The latter House shall be a place of clear vision! This is that vision in whose absence, the people perish
(Pro 28:18). Listen to me, you who are from the four corners of the earth. If you know (without being
taught), that the natural light is for clear vision, why is it even with the teaching of my word, that you
can`t understand the need for my glorious light. I am the light and he who comes to me will see what no
eye has seen (2Cor 2:9).
We all must know that not all who see do see (those they be having eyes!).
They all, as well as all from all ends need the Messiah, the light of the world (John 8:12, 12:46) which is
not but *by* the glorious gospel of Christ (1Cor 4:4)
*At the latter house, all forms of dragons shall not retain their grounds*!
Remember the glory of the Lord is His heaviness. In His presence even the highest and most huge
mountain is thrown like a piece of sand. No matter how big, how enormous the demonic is, it shall fall–
bow! Never to rise again! Its poison shall be its cancer, its success shall be its fail and its claws shall be
destruction against itself. The house of the indestructible-the latter house in prophecy, is a place where
other gods and goddesses shall not survive; they shall be frustrated as we see.
*At the Latter house the all-knowing shall be dwelling and nothing shall get the people therein by
surprise (Amos3:7)*. It means the sharp mind of the LORD shall be our perception atmosphere and His
eye our tower light of glory.
*The Lord is in this house and the earth shall be silent before Him*!!
(Habakkuk 2:20)
I hear the Spirit reaffirm,
“Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: *for I will work a work in your
days which ye will not believe, though it be told you*.” (Habakkuk 1:5)
”Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish*: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in
no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you*.”(Acts 13:41)
God through Habakkuk says there are a people in whose days He *will* do something…and Now Acts
says there are a people in whose days God *IS** *working something. Acts 13:41 is simply telling us the
time for Habakkuk’s prophecy is now for a people in the now. *Listen to me*!
Every prophecy is sure, but the timing of its fulfillment is up to God and depends upon our conduct. In
Leviticus 26:1-2 God, through Moses, warned the Israelites: “You shall not make idols for
yourselves….You shall keep my Sabbaths and reverence My sanctuary: I am the LORD.” He goes on to
tell them; “If you walk in my statutes and keep my commandments, and perform them, then I will give
you rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit”
(vv3-4). In the following verses, God detailed blessings of agricultural bounty and peace that would
come upon the nation if it remained faithful. In Verse 12, He finalizes by saying: “I will walk among you
and be your God, and you shall be My people.”
It is clear and clean that in the above scripture that God will be in the latter house vv12. Our contact is
key in realizing this. *Keeping the God`s Sabbaths, Reverencing His sanctuary, walking in His statutes
keeping and performing His commandments* should characterize our contact before God if we desire to
be the latter house in prophecy.
Just as there were blessings for obedience, however, there were serious consequences for disobedience
in Israel.
* *
*Let us keep the Sabbaths*-Don`t debate on or about this!!! It is to be done and not to be prayed
*Let us reverence His Sanctuary*-Too no room for debate, obey. True obedience is in the sincere
practical response to an expectation/a call
*Let us walk in His statutes*-Just like above
*Keeping and PERFORMING His commandments*-Just like above.
This is the contact due for the fulfillment of the Latter House in prophecy. When we are of this contact,
disobedience consequences shall be for those outside.
The Lord Yahuwah he who declares our end from the beginning being the very one who in His perfect
wisdom declared the latter house to be, is now in the business of having it real and in a short while
every eye shall tell. I declare a blessing on you as we co-walk in obedience to His will and end time call.
We may be many worlds apart but that is no hindrance to the Lord`s doing.
Yours Brother in Yeshua Messiah,
Bro Jacob Z.L