What is MEANT by the Kingdom?

What is meant by THE KINGDOM?

Many in the Church today do not truly understand what it means to be in the kingdom of Yahuah. Yeshua had much to say concerning the Kingdom of GOD. The religious leaders of his day were as much the same as we are today. Yeshua came to not only teach the kingdom of GOD, Yahuah, but to demonstrate it fully We will learn that there is MUCH misunderstanding concerning the Kingdom of GOD. This is where we begin!

Joh_18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

Here we see Yeshua telling those listening that HIS kingdom was NOT of this world. This is key to understanding who HE is and what he was teaching.

Today we see MANY “ kingdoms”. We call them “DENOMINATIONS”. We ask ourselves, which denomination is the kingdom of GOD? The answer is NONE!!!

Yeshua said, My kingdom is not of THIS world. So why do we continue to seek the kingdom from different doctrines and names on billboards? If his Kingdom is not of this world then we need to ask ourselves , where is the kingdom of GOD?

Luk_17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

WOW! Now we need to understand how does the Kingdom of Yahuah get inside me?

Rev_3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
Well, do you want him to knock on the door of your heart? All we need to do is REPENT of all known sin and turn your back on the world and it’s kingdoms and follow him. Learn his ways, obey his word both OLD testament , the TORAH and the Prophets, and keep faith in Yeshua the KING of the KINGDOM!

Every kingdom has a King! As we now see clearly what kind of kingdom we belong to, by who is the King of that Kingdom! It is necessary to understand that Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, and Evangelists are NOT the King in Yah’s kingdom! They are SERVANTS! They are ministry gifts to EQUIP the Saints to do the work of the ministry. The day for all the BIG names in many Churches has come to an end! Yah is sick to his stomach of the deception and the raping and stealing from his flock! The LUKEWARM church is about to be vomited out of his mouth!!!!

Rev_3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
The word vomit here is the Strongs number G1692. In the Greek meaning to VOMIT!

So what do we see here as to how he feels about a mixture of cold and hot? Obviously it MAKES HIM SICK! God is about to deliver his chosen seed from ALL lukewarmness! He will do something that will take many by surprise.

Jer_23:2 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

Eze 34:7 Therefore,H3651 ye shepherds,H7462 hearH8085 (H853) the wordH1697 of the LORD;H3068
Eze 34:8 As IH589 live,H2416 saithH5002 the LordH136 GOD,H3069 surelyH518 H3808 becauseH3282 my flockH6629 becameH1961 a prey,H957 and my flockH6629 becameH1961 meatH402 to everyH3605 beastH2416 of the field,H7704 because there was noH4480 H369 shepherd,H7462 neitherH3808 did my shepherdsH7462 searchH1875 (H853) for my flock,H6629 but the shepherdsH7462 fedH7462 themselves, and fedH7462 notH3808 my flock;H6629
Eze 34:9 Therefore,H3651 O ye shepherds,H7462 hearH8085 the wordH1697 of the LORD;H3068
Eze 34:10 ThusH3541 saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Behold,H2009 I am againstH413 the shepherds;H7462 and I will requireH1875 (H853) my flockH6629 at their hand,H4480 H3027 and cause them to ceaseH7673 from feedingH4480 H7462 the flock;H6629 neitherH3808 shall the shepherdsH7462 feedH7462 themselves any more;H5750 for I will deliverH5337 my flockH6629 from their mouth,H4480 H6310 that they may notH3808 beH1961 meatH402 for them.
Eze 34:11 ForH3588 thusH3541 saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Behold,H2009 I, even I,H589 will both searchH1875 (H853) my sheep,H6629 and seek them out.H1239
Eze 34:12 As a shepherdH7462 seeketh outH1243 his flockH5739 in the dayH3117 that he isH1961 amongH8432 his sheepH6629 that are scattered;H6566 soH3651 will I seek outH1239 (H853) my sheep,H6629 and will deliverH5337 them out of allH4480 H3605 placesH4725 whereH834 H8033 they have been scatteredH6327 in the cloudyH6051 and darkH6205 day.H3117
Eze 34:13 And I will bring them outH3318 fromH4480 the people,H5971 and gatherH6908 them fromH4480 the countries,H776 and will bringH935 them toH413 their own land,H127 and feedH7462 them uponH413 the mountainsH2022 of IsraelH3478 by the rivers,H650 and in allH3605 the inhabited placesH4186 of the country.H776
Eze 34:11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out.
Eze 34:12 As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.
Eze 34:13 And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country.
Eze 34:14 I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be: there shall they lie in a good fold, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel.
Eze 34:15 I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD.
Eze 34:16 I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which
was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment.

Now we see who the TRUE king is. His Kingdom is not like the kingdoms of man! HalleluYAH!

The TRUE KING loves and feeds his flock, not steal from them!!

Mat_12:25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:
Mat_12:26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

Why do we see divisions in the Body of Christ (MESSIAH) when Yeshua said a kingdom divided won’t stand? This clearly shows us that Satan has a kingdom but his is divided!! We see Kingdom rising against kingdom throughout the world today! That is the problem we have with the kingdoms of THIS WORLD!

Now we have to make a decision about what kingdom we want to belong to, one that is divided or one that will never fall!

In Yah’s kingdom there is love and forgiveness, blessing and eternal life with our King Messiah Yeshua!


Satans kingdom where there is hatred, fighting’s, division, death and eternal life in the lake of fire! That is the reward that is earned by belonging to his kingdom!

Mat_18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Mat_18:4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
We see here that you need to be BORN into this Kingdom! How then can we be BORN into it? Be Converted! We need to be born of the Spirit of The KING! When we repent and ask forgiveness and believe in our hearts that King Yeshua is GOD, and came in a body of flesh, was crucified and shed his blood to TAKE away ALL sin from our lives, we then receive the Spirit of the Kingdom of Yahuah as a seal set upon us and causes us to become SONS and DAUGHTERS of the Kingdom of Yah! We now have recorded in heaven our names with a NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Now we are no longer citizens of this world but of heaven! Praise his HOLY Name!

Eph 2:19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;
Eph 2:20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;
Eph 2:21 In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord:
Eph 2:22 In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.

HalleluYAH! Now you are no longer of this world! You have been born again into the kingdom of Yahshua! Just as he said My kingdom is not of this world and neither is our kingdom!

There will be a final declaration made very soon and it is this

Rev_11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

Now that we know that there are kingdoms that are divided by doctrines and denominations, the question becomes, “what Kingdom do you belong to”? Is it the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light?

Col_1:13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
It is time to make a move from one kingdom into another. There is FREEDOM awaiting those who choose the RIGHT kingdom! Freedom is a treasure that will be seen and experienced by all who are citizens of the KINDOM OF GOD (YAHUAH) with YESHUA as King Ruling and reigning the government of GOD!

Isa_9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isa_9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this. You are invited today to leave the kingdom of this world and come into the KINGDOM of our ELOHIM (GOD) and his Messiah (annointed). Today is the day to make your new Home in the Kingdom of Yah!