He that hath an ear, let him hear(The Spirit)

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says!

Joh_7:38 He that believethG4100 onG1519 me,G1691 asG2531 theG3588 scriptureG1124 hath said,G2036 out ofG1537 hisG846 bellyG2836 shall flowG4482 riversG4215 of livingG2198 water.G5204

Luk 10:37 AndG1161 heG3588 said,G2036 He that shewedG4160 mercyG1656 onG3326 him.G846 ThenG3767 saidG2036 JesusG2424 unto him,G846 Go,G4198 andG2532 doG4160 thouG4771 likewise.G3668
Luk 10:38 NowG1161 it came to pass,G1096 as theyG846 went,G4198 that(G2532) heG846 enteredG1525 intoG1519 a certainG5100 village:G2968 andG1161 a certainG5100 womanG1135 namedG3686 MarthaG3136 receivedG5264 himG846 intoG1519 herG848 house.G3624
Luk 10:39 AndG2532 sheG3592 hadG2258 a sisterG79 calledG2564 Mary,G3137 whichG3739 alsoG2532 satG3869 atG3844 Jesus’G2424 feet,G4228 and heardG191 hisG846 word.G3056
Luk 10:40 ButG1161 MarthaG3136 was cumberedG4049 aboutG4012 muchG4183 serving,G1248 andG1161 cameG2186 to him, and said,G2036 Lord,G2962 dost thou not careG3199 G3756 G4671 thatG3754 myG3450 sisterG79 hath leftG2641 meG3165 to serveG1247 alone?G3440 bidG2036 herG846 thereforeG3767 thatG2443 she helpG4878 me.G3427
Luk 10:41 AndG1161 JesusG2424 answeredG611 and saidG2036 unto her,G846 Martha,G3136 Martha,G3136 thou art carefulG3309 andG2532 troubledG5182 aboutG4012 many things:G4183
Luk 10:42 ButG1161 one thingG1520 isG2076 needful:G5532 andG1161 MaryG3137 hath chosenG1586 that goodG18 part,G3310 whichG3748 shall notG3756 be taken awayG851 fromG575 her.G846

Mat 26:6 NowG1161 when JesusG2424 wasG1096 inG1722 Bethany,G963 inG1722 the houseG3614 of SimonG4613 theG3588 leper,G3015
Mat 26:7 There cameG4334 unto himG846 a womanG1135 havingG2192 an alabaster boxG211 of very preciousG927 ointment,G3464 andG2532 pouredG2708 it onG1909 hisG846 head,G2776 as he satG345 at meat.
Mat 26:8 ButG1161 when hisG846 disciplesG3101 sawG1492 it, they had indignation,G23 saying,G3004 ToG1519 what purposeG5101 is thisG3778 waste?G684
Mat 26:9 ForG1063 thisG5124 ointmentG3464 mightG1410 have been soldG4097 for much,G4183 andG2532 givenG1325 to the poor.G4434
Mat 26:10 WhenG1161 JesusG2424 understoodG1097 it, he saidG2036 unto them,G846 WhyG5101 troubleG3930 G2873 ye theG3588 woman?G1135 forG1063 she hath wroughtG2038 a goodG2570 workG2041 uponG1519 me.G1691
Mat 26:11 ForG1063 ye haveG2192 theG3588 poorG4434 alwaysG3842 withG3326 you;G1438 butG1161 meG1691 ye haveG2192 notG3756 always.G3842
Mat 26:12 ForG1063 in thatG3778 she hath pouredG906 thisG5124 ointmentG3464 onG1909 myG3450 body,G4983 she didG4160 it for myG3165 burial.G1779
Mat 26:13 VerilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 WheresoeverG3699 G1437 thisG5124 gospelG2098 shall be preachedG2784 inG1722 theG3588 wholeG3650 world,G2889 there shall alsoG2532 this,G3739 that this womanG3778 hath done,G4160 be toldG2980 forG1519 a memorialG3422 of her.G846

Mat_26:41 WatchG1127 andG2532 pray,G4336 thatG2443 ye enterG1525 notG3361 intoG1519 temptation:G3986 theG3588 spiritG4151 indeedG3303 is willing,G4289 butG1161 theG3588 fleshG4561 is weak.G772

Our flesh is weak! Our carnal nature cannot understand the things of the Set Apart Spirit. Our spirit longs to be filled with Yah’s Spirit, but our own thoughts bring weakness which is doubt and unbelief.

Luk 11:9 And IG2504 sayG3004 unto you,G5213 Ask,G154 andG2532 it shall be givenG1325 you;G5213 seek,G2212 andG2532 ye shall find;G2147 knock,G2925 andG2532 it shall be openedG455 unto you.G5213
Luk 11:10 ForG1063 every oneG3956 that askethG154 receiveth;G2983 andG2532 he that seekethG2212 findeth;G2147 andG2532 to him that knockethG2925 it shall be opened.G455
Luk 11:11 If(G1161) a sonG5207 shall askG154 breadG740 of anyG5101 of youG5216 that is a father,G3962 will he(G3361) giveG1929 himG846 a stone?G3037 orG2532 ifG1487 he ask a fish,G2486 will(G3361) he forG473 a fishG2486 giveG1929 himG846 a serpent?G3789
Luk 11:12 OrG2228(G2532) ifG1437 he shall askG154 an egg,G5609 will he(G3361) offerG1929 himG846 a scorpion?G4651
Luk 11:13 IfG1487 yeG5210 then,G3767 beingG5225 evil,G4190 knowG1492 how to giveG1325 goodG18 giftsG1390 unto yourG5216 children:G5043 how muchG4214 moreG3123 shall your heavenlyG1537 G3772 FatherG3962 giveG1325 the HolyG40 SpiritG4151 to them that askG154 him?G846

Act 19:1 AndG1161 it came to pass,G1096 that, while ApollosG625 wasG1511 atG1722 Corinth,G2882 PaulG3972 having passed throughG1330 theG3588 upperG510 coastsG3313 cameG2064 toG1519 Ephesus:G2181 andG2532 findingG2147 certainG5100 disciples,G3101
Act 19:2 He saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 Have(G1487) ye receivedG2983 the HolyG40 GhostG4151 since ye believed?G4100 AndG1161 theyG3588 saidG2036 untoG4314 him,G846 We have not so much asG235 G3761 heardG191 whetherG1487 there beG2076 any HolyG40 Ghost.G4151
Act 19:3 AndG5037 he saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 UntoG1519 whatG5101 thenG3767 were ye baptized?G907 AndG1161 theyG3588 said,G2036 UntoG1519 John’sG2491 baptism.G908
Act 19:4 ThenG1161 saidG2036 Paul,G3972 JohnG2491 verilyG3303 baptizedG907 with the baptismG908 of repentance,G3341 sayingG3004 unto theG3588 people,G2992 thatG2443 they should believeG4100 onG1519 him which should comeG2064 afterG3326 him,G846 that is,G5123 onG1519 ChristG5547 Jesus.G2424
Act 19:5 WhenG1161 they heardG191 this, they were baptizedG907 inG1519 theG3588 nameG3686 of theG3588 LordG2962 Jesus.G2424
Act 19:6 AndG2532 when PaulG3972 had laidG2007 his handsG5495 upon them,G846 theG3588 HolyG40 GhostG4151 cameG2064 onG1909 them;G846 andG5037 they spakeG2980 with tongues,G1100 andG2532 prophesied.G4395
Act 19:7 AndG1161 allG3956 the menG435 wereG2258 aboutG5616 twelve.G1177

Joh_4:23 ButG235 the hourG5610 cometh,G2064 andG2532 nowG3568 is,G2076 whenG3753 theG3588 trueG228 worshippersG4353 shall worshipG4352 theG3588 FatherG3962 inG1722 spiritG4151 andG2532 in truth:G225 forG1063 theG3588 FatherG3962(G2532) seekethG2212 suchG5108 to worshipG4352 him.G846

Much of what we call worship today is not True worship! The songs that are sung only makes us feel good. This however is not what Yahuah is seeking! True worship comes from our spirit, not our feelings. It is meant to exalt only Him. In our so-called worship services songs are chosen to pump up, lift up, make us feel better, and come away with the attitude that “WOW” wasn’t that awesome praise and worship! Yahuah was not blessed or worshipped! The focus is on the songs and on us, NOT HIM! Only that which comes from the heart is TRUE worship.

Gen 1:1 In the beginningH7225 GodH430 createdH1254 (H853) the heavenH8064 and the earth.H776
Gen 1:2 And the earthH776 wasH1961 without form,H8414 and void;H922 and darknessH2822 was uponH5921 the faceH6440 of the deep.H8415 And the SpiritH7307 of GodH430 movedH7363 uponH5921 the faceH6440 of the waters.H4325
Gen 1:3 And GodH430 said,H559 Let there beH1961 light:H216 and there wasH1961 light.H216
Gen 1:4 And GodH430 sawH7200 (H853) the light,H216 thatH3588 it was good:H2896 and GodH430 dividedH914 H996 the lightH216 fromH996 the darkness.H2822

Here we see that Yahuah spoke then he saw! He expected His Spirit to bring to pass what he spoke. If we speak doubt and unbelief, our own thoughts and understanding, we will not see the promise of the Father in our lives. The Spirit only brings to pass what the Father wills. If we come into agreement with his will, which is His word, then we will see results in our lives. He only anoints HIS word.

Joh_16:13 HowbeitG1161 whenG3752 he,G1565 theG3588 SpiritG4151 of truth,G225 is come,G2064 he will guideG3594 youG5209 intoG1519 allG3956 truth:G225 forG1063 he shall notG3756 speakG2980 ofG575 himself;G1438 butG235 whatsoeverG3745 G302 he shall hear,G191 that shall he speak:G2980 andG2532 he will shewG312 youG5213 things to come.G2064

The set apart Spirit is Elohim! Whatever He hears he will speak. Just as Yeshua said that he does nothing on his own but only does those things that he sees the Father do.

When we are filled with his Spirit, He will show us things to come. This shows us that we must be led by the Spirit in order to know the will of the Father!

I have left the Strongs numbers for your own research.